My first 1000 Followers at Seattle Teatime!

browse this site In honor of reaching My First 1000 Followers at Seattle TeaTime milestone this week on both Instagram and Twitter, I decide to create something I have been brainstorming for months.

sites I live across the street from the iconic Seattle Space Needle and admire it everyday. I have always looked at the tip of the needle and thought it very closely resembled the lid of gaiwan. I’d wanted to combine the two but didn’t really know how to in a well designed way.

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I signed up for an online class for photoshop. This decision opened a few opportunities to try out some new things to learn the platform. And thus, this unique design was created with a few others. I will be releasing a few designs in some different ways in the coming weeks. The goal of these designs will be to start learning more about creating products and selling them online through social channels. I don’t expect to make money (hopefully just break even), but figured it will be a cool way to start molding a brand and following.

I would love to hear what you think of this! I’ve really be intrigued by creating something different in a tea brand / company and I think outside the box thinking like this is what is needed in the industry.

Coming back to the topic of this post( My First 1000 Followers), I want to share thanks to everyone that has followed @Seattleteatime on both Twitter and Instagram, especially in the last 2 months where my following has grown the most. I really appreciate the support and engagement as it has given me inspiration to work on the brand and try to create something new and different. I’ve learned a ton in the last 8 weeks about how to grow a following and garner more engagement in your social media posts. It really takes a commitment from the producer of the content. Especially starting off, it takes a lot of time liking others photos, following others, and commenting, really working on building a community through hashtags and following.

My first 1000 followers
Gaiwan & Space Needle in honor of 1000 Followers

My First 1000 Followers at Seattle Teatime

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