Not So Secret Tea Spot This last week I met up with a friend who lives on a sail boat in the Fremont Canal that connects Puget Sound and Lake Union here in Seattle. I brought my small square tea tray along with a few tea cups, gaiwan and obviously some leaf. He provided the clean water source and kettle. We prepared a traditional Dong Ding Oolong as we sat and watched some rowers paddle back and forth on the typical overcast Seattle afternoon. In the winter, the canal becomes placid without boats parading up and down. To our right, we were sitting underneath the Aurora Bridge and watched cars zoom by heading home to end the work day.20160105_161711 It becomes a great place to prepare tea and enjoy nature, all while being in the center of it all.

Fildena 120 There isn’t much better feeling then sitting in a beautiful place while enjoying a delicious loose leaf tea poured in a traditional way. One of the reasons I appreciate tea prepared like this is experiencing the evolution of taste and color in each cup. As the leaf quickly expands in the tea pot, different flavors reveal themselves to your eager taste buds. A large difference between loose leaf and bagged tea is the opportunity to experience the leaves in multiple forms. This single pot will be refilled with hot water 5-10 times. Each pour has something new, even if it’s a minor change. My friend and I discussed the idea that the tea ceremony is a great compliment to an enlightened conversation. As the tea developed, so did our topic. Tea drunk feelings crept in as we laughed and reminisced as old friends due.

The conversation really inspired me. Over the next few months I plan to adventure around the city more to find new Secret Tea Spots. As I have learned from previous experience, finding an outlet to boil water usually is the toughest part. Please email or tweet me if you live in the city and have any cool places I should check out. I would love for you to join me on my next tea adventure!



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