The Tree Tray and Tea Set

official website The Tree Tray and Tea Set was inspired by this weekends adventures in Oregon. This past weekend I took the train down to Portland, Oregon to celebrate the wedding of two friends of mine whom I met in college. The four hour journey was very relaxing and went by rather quickly. On the way down I was browsing Instagram and had been seeing some people posting pictures of their tea sets sitting on top of wood logs and cutting boards. I immediately was drawn to the look and aesthetics of the wood contrast against a porcelein  or clay tea pot. I asked a few of the users in their post where they got them and the common answer was at Cost Plus World Market. I wrote down the location to remind myself to stop in there next time I was near one (which happens to be on the other side of the city from where I live). However, after seeing the photos, I knew it would be a worth while purchase.

The wedding was beautiful and it is so refreshing to see two people, that I knew before their relationship started, grow, fall in love, and make a commitment to each other. If you have ever been to Portland, you understand the vibe of the city around this “hipster,” “lumberjack” feel. It just so happens, that the couple had created multiple wood inspired decorations. Firstly, each table had assigned seating with name cards at each position. The name cards were held up by a cute, circle piece of wood that had a 3 inch diameter. The table center pieces were much larger versions of these log cut outs. With a diameter of about 9 inches, the logs acted as coasters for the flowers at each table. I was immediately drawn to them because I had been thinking about the exact same thing the day before. To wrap this up, I begged the bride and groom to let me take one. They had already planned to donate them to another family member’s wedding the following week. As long as I was caught, it was all good.

Here is the final product hosting up my tea set from a few nights ago. I was drinking a Tea Kwan Yin that produced a light, smooth taste. The color complements the wood so well. I really appreciate this new addition to my collection. The natural feel of wood goes along perfectly with the gaiwan and tea. They belong together.

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